Office Profile

Our attorney at law office focuses mostly on Commercial and Civil law. Partners of our office are also qualified experts in the field of Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents, industrial and utility designs including international registration), Real Estate and Construction (above all construction law and matters connected with vested sanctions by administrative authorities), Greenfield and Brownfield Investments, Labour law (complete contract agenda, including labour dispute solutions), Civ il law (immovable rights, compensation for damage, contracts, protection of person / right of privacy), Insolvency, Competition and Antitrust. In the field of the Tax and Customs we co-operate with two independent tax advisors.

As per the commercial/business matters, we ensure processing of the complete contract agenda, that is to say, ad – hoc contracts (incl. taking part in negotiations), and elaboration of the model contracts based upon our client’s needs and requirements. We devote to the Corporate law (e.g. founding of companies, changes in registered records, transformations, mergers, consolidations, divisions, incl. its project, consultancy regarding the legal form of the company based on the intended business pl an) and moreover, we provide legal consultancy regarding the investment impetuses incl. processing of the same.

The entire range of services is provided not only in Czech language, but also in German, English, Russian and Polish languages. Our attorneys at law office co-operate with attorney at law Office in Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries according to the needs of our clients. We also arrange for German translations of sworn translator - JUDr. Robert Čepek.

Branch office in Brno

Legal services, not only in this Moravian city, but also in the whole south Moravia and north Moravia, is provided by two attorneys working at the branch office of the attorney of our law office. These attorneys ensure personal and direct negotiations with the respective bodies (cadastral offices, construction administration etc.), representation in proceedings at law and other legal acts according to the needs of our clients.